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Currently in its 15th season of tours, Bird’s Eye View Helicopters has long enjoyed strong customer satisfaction ratings for offering a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind view of Rhode Island. But with a website that was making it difficult for its users to purchase tickets, the company was concerned they were losing potential customers, and so they came to us requesting an overhaul of both their online presentation as well as their instructional safety video watched by patrons before boarding the helicopter.

Combine powerful aerial visuals of the natural and manmade treasures of Rhode Island with a simpler, far more user friendly web design, turning Bird’s Eye View Helicopter’s homepage into an effective branding tool.
To do this, we had to completely revamped the site’s presentation, focusing first and foremost on solving the key dilemma with the old model, which actually detracted customers from being able to easily book a tour. The original website had multiple layers of information that would point the visitor in various directions and sometimes to dead ends with links leading to nowhere. Not only were eyes not being drawn to potential tours, even customers already dead set on booking a tour found themselves searching well beyond the home page, embarking on a convoluted scavenger hunt just to make a purchase.
The mobile site’s presentation was even murkier. 60% of links never opened because they were tucked away. Potential package deals went ignored because their links were difficult to find. Traffic to many of these pages was non existent. Visually speaking, we created a page one rewrite of their old model, which contained random fonts, sometimes centered, but often floating to the left for no reason, along with a serious void of appealing imagery essential to selling the experience.
Our mission was to reduce the number of pages and improve structure, driving visitors to the content that matters, and making the booking link the central focus. Additionally, we set out to improve the aesthetic of the site, creating a cleaner and more engaging experience for visitors. As we all know, first impressions are everything.
We also utilized striking visuals when creating a new instructional safety video which provides patrons with a much clearer and more appealing presentation on proper boarding procedure. Together, the instructional video and the new and improved website have modernized Bird’s Eye View’s image, creating rising ticket sales and even more enthusiastic feedback.

Since we launched a new website for them, improving presentation and navigation for customers, Bird’s Eye View Helicopters has already seen a significant surge in their tour’s ticket sales while also attracting much more traffic to their site in general. The new website not only appeals to the eye, it helps seal the deal with potential customers, steering them toward the site’s raison d’etre, the purchasing of tour tickets. Before, this feature was obscured, leaving even patrons dedicated to purchasing tickets frustrated and confused, often giving up. Obviously, simplifying this procedure and making ticket sales the focal point of the presentation ensures not only increased profits, but greater customer satisfaction as well. We look forward to continued positive feedback from Bird’s Eye View as they share their numbers throughout the year.

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