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The JavaScript is responsible for changing the images when the thumbnails are clicked or pressed. The showImage function receives the two arguments you defined in the onClick events in the HTML of the thumbnails. Add this JavaScript to another Code Module.

We then add a Code Module to the post to hold the JavaScript that will attach to the #js-caller click event and execute the payload. Just exchange the alert(‘Payload executed!’); with the JavaScript you need executed.

We want to prevent the default behaviour (event.preventDefault) because the click would otherwise do what clicks on buttons usually do: go to the Button URL specified in that Button Module.

Tony Cavallaro


Bill Epp


Associate Principal

Eric Ryan

Associate Principal

Matt Bluette


Associate Principal

Jamie Cavallaro


John Cacciatore


Justin Driscoll


Jaca History

JACA was founded in 1991 by Tony Cavallaro. The first person to join the firm was Bill Epp, who started hand-drafting projects above Tony’s garage. As the firm grew, the moved to Weymouth, finally settling in Quincy.

The name ‘JACA” was derived from the first initial of the 4 Cavallaro children – Josh, Jenna, Jason and Jaime. The “CA” comes from their last name. The second ‘A’ links the letters together (J A Ca, or JACA)

JACA is focused on the healthcare industry because …

JACA gets pronounced many different ways. Sometimes split into the separate letters (“J A C A”); often “Jack-a”. While no pronunciation is wrong, the intended way comes from how the name was created: the “J” sound, followed by “Cuh” (as in ‘cup) … “Jay-Cuh”.

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