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Jaca History

JACA was founded in 1991 by Tony Cavallaro. The first person to join the firm was Bill Epp, who started hand-drafting projects above Tony’s garage. As the firm grew, they moved to Weymouth, finally settling in Quincy.

The name ‘JACA” was derived from the first initial of the 4 Cavallaro children – Josh, Jenna, Jason and Jaime. The “CA” comes from their last name. The second ‘A’ links the letters together (J A Ca, or JACA)

JACA is focused on the healthcare industry because …

JACA gets pronounced many different ways. Sometimes split into the separate letters (“J A C A”); often “Jack-a”. While no pronunciation is wrong, the intended way comes from how the name was created: the “J” sound, followed by “Cuh” (as in ‘cup) … “Jay-Cuh”.

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